Blue Daisy song | Vidéo : RuffMercy

RUFFMERCY is the alias of RUSS MURPHY, Director and Animator based in Bristol, UK.

He’s made music videos for Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, DJ Houseshoes, BLU & Flying lotus, Findlay.

« The video ‘FUCK A RAP SONG’ was made on a relatively low budget on the set of another POP music video being filmed at the same time to save on costs. We pitched our spot in a dark corner and got to work. Blue Daisy was in the mood to menace that day and Alfred (cinematographer) captured the tension and menace perfectly. I then took edited the footage together before being the time consuming task of drawing over the video. The drawings were done with no pre-planning : pure freestyle. I think this video is a classic example of everyone bringing their ‘A’ game and doing their best under adverse situations to create something Bigger than was expected. A pure ‘FUCK YOU’ to the world »